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Sample the quality of our streaming service for yourself, have a listen to the Live Stream below:

The player above can be personalised to suit your needs, it can be embedded directly in to your own website or blog and can be listed to on any computer, laptop or handheld device without the need of any additional software.

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Community Centres

Reach out to your local community through our streaming services, listeners can tune in to your local announcements or broadcasts directly from their portable devices at home or on the go.

A great tool for the local youth centers, with more and more of the younger generation having access to or owning a portable hand held device, they can access your stream from anywhere!

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Local Mosques

Speak out to your congregation while at home or on the move. Stream prayers, speeches and announcements directly to peoples homes and mobile devices.

Our stream is available to listen from anywhere in the world, you could potentially reach a much wider global audience.

You can listen live by clicking here.

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The one stop solution for mosques and community centres

Want to reach out to your community or congregation? Ismaa provides you with the means to do so, a bespoke streaming service designed for your mosque or community centre.

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